How to Make Sense of This Blog: Because I’m Complex!

I started this blog in January 2015 while I was on bed rest and very pregnant with my sun (spelling intentional) Awesome Amari…my rainbow baby!

It was an interesting (to say the least) time in my life for sooo many reasons.  So much had changed.  So much was changing.  And, there was so much more I wanted to change.


I started this blog with the intention of it being an outlet-a place where I could empty my thoughts, and ultimately heal myself particularly from the illness of giving a fuck about others’ opinions about me.

It’s been through some changes (just like I have), but has since evolved into being a blog FOR YOU, but all about ME –Sunshine Cummings, The Real Bossmom. 

You’ll definitely get the best of both worlds, because not only will you get to be all up in my business, but unlike most personal blogs where you think to yourself (about the blogger) “Annnd, you are who again?,” and could give 2 shits about their family vacation to Disney World (that was a mouthful, but you get what I’m saying)…

…you’ll actually learn some shit, be entertained, and if you choose to apply what you learn…Change Your Life.

Follow along…if you can keep up!

*List of categories and what they’re all about*

  • Artist-All things dance and blogging, from tips and how-to’s to general information, because I’m a dancer and I love to write.
  • Creator-I create my life, and so do you!Posts in this category are all about the Law of Attraction, how I use/have used it in my life, and how you can use it too to manifest every and anything you desire, because Anything is Possible!
  • Boss-I’m a Bossmom, entrepreneur, and the badass founder of SnapBack Co.Some folks are ambitious when it comes to moving up in a company, or at a job.That ain’t me!If it’s not you either then posts in this category would be of interest to you as I share my journey of building a global brand, along with tips, tools, and resources that I find useful.
  • Healer-This is my gift!  It’s what I do.  It’s why I chose to come to Earth and be born.For many years I thought I wanted to be a medical doctor, or naturopath, or herbalist, etc. I spent a shitload of time and money studying and learning about chakras, herbs, crystals, midwifery/natural birth, homeopathy, yoga, reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy…you name it!I eventually had to take several seats, step back, and be honest with myself about the fact that I didn’t come here to be a damn compulsive student, and that my gift of healing is unconventional…like me.Posts in this category are all about my journey as a healer, as well as info about healing in several “alternative” modalities.
  • Lover-The juicy stuff!  The things the nosy people in my life wanna know all about, but won’t dare ask.I’m a married woman, yes!  And, I also identify as polyamorous, or should I say non-monogamous meaning I am open to, and desire, intimate relationships with more than just my husband…AND, I am open to him being in intimate relationships with others as well (key word OPEN…not enthused lol).Polyamory is all about the responsible and honest practice of non-monogamy, not that cheating shit most people are familiar with.Posts in these categories will be really real as I share about intimacy in my life and marriage!
  • MILF (Mom in love with freedom)-I’m a free spirit, end of story period.I strongly value freedom, acceptance, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.Posts in this category are all about my free spirtedness and my journey of self-acceptance.
  • Mother– I’m a new mom and bonus mom.Being/becoming both have posed major challenges for me prior to, during, and after.Posts in this category are about all things related to mothering (tips, tricks, reviews, motivation, etc.), my ever-evolving journey as a mom, overcoming the loss of 2 babies, overcoming confidence/body image issues postpartum, postpartum weight loss, breastfeeding, and about co-parenting, step-parenting, and attachment parenting.
  • MYLF (Mom You’d Like to F&%*)- All things postpartum fitness/weight loss related as I bring sexy back, and help other moms do the same.
  • Wife-All about married life, and homemaking!



Buckle Up Boss Moms! The Journey Begins

By now you know that this is a blog mainly about conception, pregnancy, and postpartum solutions for Boss Moms aka moms in business, as well as my wild journey of self-healing and freeing myself of the opinions of others.

Well…it only makes sense that you as a reader understand where my journey begins in order to follow along and make sense of where it has taken me.

Luckily, for you, IF this is only the second post on my blog at the time that you’re reading this, you get to literally take this journey with me, and learn and grow with me as a boss mom.

If not, well, the beautiful thing is that this is a blog.  You can backtrack and play catch up, or say fuck the past and just bask in the awesomeness of the present moment.

So where does my unbelievable journey as a boss mom begin?

One hot summer night in a hot and steamy bedroom in Guyana, South America, my parents decided to get busy, and as a result, I was conceived yadda yadda…

Although I truly believe that’s where my journey ultimately begins, I won’t bore you with all the in-between (actually most of it’s not boring at all, but I’ll fill you in throughout my later posts).

I’ll just start right where I am today.

Where I am Today!

At the time of the writing of this post, I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy, first “take home” child.  I got married 5 months ago on the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico to my boyfriend (father to my 2 bonus children and 2 angel babies) of 4 years.

Due to complications in my last 2 pregnancies and bleeding early on in this one, I spent 17 weeks on strict bedrest.  It was during that time that the idea for the Boss Mom Success Blog was conceived.

I had so much time to think and ponder and study and learn, and come to terms with who I am and who I want to be.  For years I had not been my happy, bubbly, down-to-Earth, fun-to-be-around self, and one day I had a lightbulb moment of why that was.

I was no longer engaging in my spiritual work.  I was no longer putting me first.  I had fallen out of love with myself.  And mostly, I let what other people thought of me get in the way of being me!

While on bedrest I was ready and willing to say fuck it!  Even if it meant I had to start all over as if I were just graduating college and starting my life brand new as a “grown up,” or building my business from the ground up.  I didn’t want to, but I was willing to if that’s what the Universe required.

I knew that although I was recently married, I was not monogamous by nature.  I knew that everything I was experiencing in my life at the time (including being on bedrest), I had created.  I knew that I deserved to be treated like the Goddess I am, and that if no one else did it for me, it was up to me to do it for myself.  I knew that I deeply missed having engaging conversations about real issues going on in the world with people who actually give a damn.  I knew that despite what the people around me wanted me to be (for their own comfort), I was not a straight woman nor Christian.  I knew that I was destined for greatness, and that ultimately I’m a BOSS MOM.

So this is what I knew, and I had to find a way to express and/or get back to me.

So what did I do?

The very first thing I did was took a good long look at all the things I wanted to change about my life.  Then, I created an affirmation that reflected that change as if it was my current reality.  I started saying it every day, and literally the very next day after starting to repeat my affirmations like a mad woman…

My husband, who hadn’t spoken to me in about 2 weeks at the time, came home with a bouquet of flowers for me (lilies-my favorite).

In addition to saying my affirmations, I began visualizing my life how I wanted it to be, and I began loving on myself.  I couldn’t get too freaky due to the reason why I was on bedrest, but I started giving myself massages and telling myself how much I love me!

The next day, my husband gave me a full body massage that felt sooo damn good it put me to sleep.

As I began to love me again, so did the people around me.

Not to mention, at the time we were still living in my mother’s house (me, my husband, and our 2 children).  Talk about needing our own space!!  Shortly after my visualizations and affirmations my husband and I began looking for a place of our own.

It was time to stop talking about it, and time to start being about it.

I write this blog post now, from my comfortable king-size bed in my big, spacious bedroom as the sun shines down on me as it peaks through my completely open blinds in our new home 🙂

Shit, rereading that last sentence makes me feel like the journey is over lol.  That was years in the making, but just like I created that, there’s so much more to create.

So what else is going on?

I have a “boyfriend,” as of now, but who knows for how much longer.  My husband is fully aware, and mostly supportive.  Overall, he’s supportive of me dating other people, but I think he just doesn’t like the way this particular guy treats me.

At times I want to say fuck this whole polyamory thing, and just try to be like all the other married people out there, but being the creator/boss mom I am, I know that this is an area of my life that I can make better, and I will.

As of right now, my bonus children’s biological mom and I are mostly getting along.  Took some time, but we’re in a decent place right now.

Stay tuned, however!  That shit can flip as fast as a Las Vegas casino card dealer can flip a card.

As of today I’m mostly healthy from what your eyes can see; however, there are many areas I would like to change and make better as far as my physical health is concerned.

I’m into herbs, naturopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, crystal healing, chakra balancing, etc. etc., so it’s very unlikely that you’ll read anything about conventional medical treatments unless I absolutely need to go there.

I start seeing yet another chiropractor in 2 weeks to help with pregnancy issues as well as an issue I’ve had for 15 years now.  That’s got to change!

Spiritually, I’ve just started meditating again with the main purpose of receiving guidance on my purpose in life.  So far so good.  I would love to get to a place where I can channel my spiritual guide, or an ancestor, or some good entity lol, but it’s not a focus of mine.

Career-wise, I’ve been on a journey of becoming a midwife for the past 8 years.

I know that the gift with which I was born is that of a healer, but lately I’ve been going back and forth about whether that gift is meant to be shared via midwifery, or some other medium, saaaay… writing?!  LOL.

That’s what my meditations are all about, so we’ll see!

As far as the opinions of others, I find myself not giving a fuck more and more, however, I must still give some fucks, because at times I find myself censoring myself so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings or shock people too much with my out the box beliefs.

Still have more fucks to not give lol!

That pretty much sums up where this journey is starting.

Buckle up boss moms, put on your makeup, pull out your wedgies, and whatever else you need to do…this plane is ready for takeoff, and I’m super excited!!

Yours Truly,
Sunshine Cummings 

Sunshine Boss Mom

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