5 Simple Ways to Stay on Track & Balanced in 2016

Stay on Track. Be balanced.

Are you tired of setting goals and resolutions year after year, only to see that each year passes without you accomplishing a damn thang?


Ok. Ok.


Maybe not “a damn thang,” but not your major goals or priorities?


I know I am, and so I decided to do a little soul searching, and really ask myself what MUST I do in order to stay on track this year with my major goals, while also maintaining a sense of balance as a mom and business woman (a boss mom).


Below you’ll find a must-do list of 5 simple ways to accomplish your major goals for 2016, while staying on track and balanced.


Staying on Track and Balanced in 2016


1. Have a theme/primary aim for the year

Having a theme or primary aim (the overall desire you have for your year) helps you stay focused.  Major organizations and religious groups choose themes, aims, or affirmations yearly to create a sense of oneness amongst employees/the congregation, so everyone is on one accord, and working toward one aim.


One of my fav bloggers does this too.  Her theme for this year is Sweet ‘16.  I love the sound of that.


Another site I follow (FLYLady), which helps me stay organized, and get rid of physical clutter in my home, chooses a theme every year too.  This year it’s “Watch Me Fling in 2016.”  It’s about flinging the clutter.


So what’s gonna be your theme, or primary aim this year?


Mine is “Making that Green (money) in 2016.”


If you wanna rhyme like me *insert cheesy face*, here are a few words that rhyme with 16 that you may want to consider:
















Use your creativity!


2. Set goals

Not setting goals is the number one reason why so many people fail to get shit done.


I didn’t do any research on those stats to really know if that’s true or not, but it makes sense to me.


If you don’t set goals, what are you really accomplishing?!  You’re just going through life doing things with no end in mind.


You might get stuff done, but is it in alignment with your primary aim for your year, or your life overall?


If you don’t set any goals, how do you know where you’re going?  It’s a must that you set goals, and that you do it the most effective way possible.


3. Include all major areas of your life in your goal-setting

Now this is where we incorporate balance.


Goal-setting is important, yes, but what you’re setting goals for is just as important.


Are all your goals focused on just one area of your life?  On making more money, or on you starting a business, or on you getting more sales in your business, etc.?


Or, are they all, or mostly focused on you getting more organized, or eating healthier, or doing better with meal prepping and working out?


If you want more balance in your life, don’t expect to have it if you’re only focused on achieving things in only one or two areas of your life.


Please tell me, how does that work?


It doesn’t.


If you want more balance, your goals have to be balanced.


Plain and super simple.


4. Create a plan to achieve your goals

This is the step where so many goal setters miss the mark.


Your goal is simply your end result; your destination.


How in the hell will you get there though, if you have no idea what you’re gonna do to get there?


I’ll wait.


Have you ever jumped in your car, turned on your navigation system to get to a place you have no idea how to get to, and been given 3 different routes you could take?


Goals work the same way.


You’re going somewhere, you have a general idea of how to get there, but aren’t sure about the actual steps you need to take, or which route you want to take (avoiding tolls aka obstacles, going the fast but longest distance, or going the slow but shortest distance).


You’ve got to get clear on that , or you’ll have some amazing goals set, and you won’t take the first step toward achieving them, because you won’t know what they are, or which way to go.


Create a plan.


5. Set reminders to evaluate your progress

You can stay on track in 2016 by evaluating your progress every month, or every quarter, or whatever timeframe works for you.


Have you ever been real excited in the beginning of the new year about all the growth you’re gonna experience, and all the changes you’re gonna make, and them BOOM, before you know it it’s July, and you have half a year left, and you start sweating bullets wondering how in the world you’re gonna accomplish all those things you were just talking about “yesterday?”  


Yeah.  I’ve been there done that, and it sucks.


It doesn’t have to tho.


If you check in with yourself every so often to see where you are in terms of accomplishing your goals, you can adjust your plan accordingly to make sure you stay on track.


Here’s a *Bonus Tip*

I know you’re busy being a mom, and having some challenges being an entrepreneur at the same time, or struggling to figure out what to do as a business, and how to start it.


Balance is key.


I found this great app recently called 30/30 that helps me stay on track with my tasks at hand.  I set it for however much time I need in order to complete a list of tasks, and it counts down for me, and alerts me when it’s time to move to the next task.


It’s been really helpful so far.  I highly recommend you give it a go.


You now have a great blueprint for not only getting shit done in 2016, but also for staying on track and balanced.


All you’ve got to do now is take action and implement these steps.


Because I know you’re busy caring for your family, nurturing your babies, and building your empire, I’ve created a goal-setting werkbook for you, so you have no excuses about getting it done.


Just download it now, and fill in the blanks.  It’s free!
Click below to get yours now.


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The Real Boss Mom


P.S. For help being held accountable with achieving your goals this year, and staying balanced and on track…join the official Boss Mom Squad!