About Sunshine

So you wanna know a lil’ something about Sunshine Cummings (ME!) the woman behind the “Boss Mom After-Baby Success” Blog?!

Good.  Here goes…

First, let me say that I am a very complex woman.  You could say I have many faces, or that many different personalities live within me, but that sounds a little psycho lol…

…so let’s just say I’m the woman I am today as a result of the many life experiences that I’ve had.

I used to think I was crazy and weird (well, I am a little ;-)), but I thought that my life was just so fucked up.  I often felt depressed and misunderstood, until one day I was reading one of my favorite blogs (Total Liberation), and a lightbulb went off.

I realized that up until that point I had not been living a totally liberated life.  I was trying to fit into all these different circles that I belonged to while at the same time denying other parts of who I am.

People were never really getting a fair opportunity to experience all of me for one reason or another.

So, I went on a journey of self-discovery to determine who lived inside of me, and vowed to be authentic in my expression of all of them, at all times, or as needed.  (Some don’t need to be present at all times…trust).

Here’s what I learned about the 7 major personalities that live inside the woman known as Sunshine Cummings

Some have names, some don’t (yet).
Shelly-Ann is the party girl.  Music moves me (Sunshine) in general, but when Shelly-Ann is present there’s no getting me off the dance floor, or talk of “let’s go home.”  Not until I’m good and ready!  Shelly-Ann is flirty as hell and expects to be wined & dined by anyone claiming to be interested in her.  She does not stand in anybody’s line at the club.  She’s VIP and she knows it, and so do the club owners, bouncers, and promoters.  Hell, the bartenders know it too, and she often gets free drinks.  Shelly-Ann is the one who will open the club & shut it down too.  Did I mention she loves to dance ?!  She also loves to tease.  She’s great at making any woman or man feel as if they’re surely leaving any event with her, or at least with her number.  Not always the case.  She’s extremely sexy and sensual.  She’s ultra femme, and loves to get fly as hell in some heels and a nice sexy dress.  She loves sex, but more so from the aspect of being pleased.  She’s not so much the pleaser.  It’s got to be all about her.
The Hippie…
Who as of now is nameless.  The hippie is the one that people think is weird.  She’s happy-go-lucky, playful, spontaneous, and happy in a really blissful way.  The non-material things in life turn her on, like the stars and the moon, flowers, and most things in nature.  She loves taking road trips and going camping or sightseeing.  She’s childlike in many ways, but is very much an adult.  The hippie is the one into spirituality, the law of attraction, yoga,  natural health, crystals, and all about being positive and seeing the oneness in all of creation.  She’s the homebirther, homeschooler, baby-wearer, vegetarian…basically, the crunchy granola one, and yes, she might even go without deodorant!
You’ll definitely know when the hippie is present in a given blog post.  It’ll be real…crunchy!
The Intellectual
Aka conspiracy theorist aka sapiosexual.  The intellectual loves to read and learn and research, and most times has 20 tabs open on her computer and/or in her mind.  She takes nothing at face value and questions EVERYTHING.  Her favorite question is “why?”  She enjoys watching documentaries, and, like the hippie, loves going to museums, but not for the beauty, but rather for the history/facts.  She enjoys learning different languages, and is good at it.  People who speak different languages turn her on.  She’s more of an introvert and reserved.  This is the one that loves to be mind fucked and loves to mind fuck others.  Nothing turns her on more than a good conversation.  She enjoys exposing truths about the government, religion, politics, health, etc.
She’s present in almost every blog post, because chances are, she’s the one writing it.
Midnight is the troubled one, the complete opposite of who Sunshine is as a whole. She’s not always present, and doesn’t need to be…believe me.  She’s very cut & dry, and takes no shit from no one.  She’s who I channel when I need to remember to not give a flying fuck about the opinions of others.  She’s very nonchalant and unfeeling, and like I said…gives no fucks!  She’s something like a hood chick.  She can be sexy & femme one day, and rough & tomboyish the next.  She’s the protector of all the other personalities, especially the little girl who you haven’t met yet.  She can and will cut people off and not think twice about them ever again.  She and the hippie bump heads a lot.  She’s more “see it as it is” and the hippie is more “see it as it could be.”
You’ll learn a lot from Midnight regarding how to free yourself from the opinions of others, and live life liberated.
The Mama
The mama combined with the slut (who you’ll meet soon) is every straight man’s dream come true (that’s a generalization I know, but you understand what I mean).
This woman absolutely loves children and has a strong desire to cater to her family, especially when it comes to matters of nutrition, healing, love, etc. and if they’re hurt physically or otherwise.  She desires a whole tribe of children whether they’re hers biologically or not.  The mama does not pay too much attention to her attire.  She’s the one my cousins (in DC) like to call a bamma.  She enjoys cooking and cleaning, and making her house a home.  She’s very nurturing.  She’s the one who comes out for her partners when the other personalities feel catered to.
For example:  when Shelly-Ann is wined and dined and pampered like the Goddess she is (on a regular basis), and feels as though her needs are being met…she wants to, in return, cater to her lover in all the ways Mama enjoys.  When the hippie gets to spend hours star gazing or sweating it out during a session of Bikram yoga (WITH her lover) Mama is likely to come out to reward that lover with a back rub, or delicious meal, or full body massage.
Mama is the healer of my posts.  She’s the one who shows compassion for things you may be going through, and helps you through them gently and with love.
Mel is the little girl that lives inside of me.  She represents all the experiences I had as a child that pretty much left me wounded and hurt.  She’s a constant reminder of my insecurities and fears, and the things that I need to overcome as an adult.  She is who is being healed by this very blog.
Mel is the main reason for Midnight’s manifestation.  She is extremely vulnerable & somewhat naive.  She wants so badly to be loved & taken care of (not like Shelly-Ann, but in a more nurturing way).  She craves affection and attention so much so that she’ll “stick around” in unhealthy relationships being abused verbally, mentally, or otherwise, thinking that the affection/attention that she craves must come from outside of her.  She’s extremely sensitive, cries easily, and often feels misunderstood and alone, yet she often prefers to be alone.  She rarely if ever speaks up for herself.  She spends so much time with herself that she’s very intuitive and in tune with who she is, but because she’s still a little girl, she’s not spiritually mature enough to know what to do with that information.
The Slut
Man oh man the slut!  She’s the one who comes out for her lovers (and only them) when any or all of the other personalities are being fed and getting what they want/need at any given moment.  She too caters to her lovers like Mama, but it’s more in a sexual way, and she’ll do it for one-time acts, whereas Mama comes out after a culmination of acts.  She’s submissive & uninhibited in the bedroom (or the kitchen counter, or washing machine, or dining room table, or backseat of a car…you catch my drift).  She will do most anything to please her lovers sexually.  She’s the opposite of Shelly-Ann in the bed, but she is more likely to come out when Shelly-Ann is catered to.  She’s mesmerizing and intriguing to her lovers, because she aims to please, and in return that pleases her.
There you have it.  Sunshine Cummings in a nutshell.
Add me on Instagram to see all of personalities at work with each other @therealbossmom



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