How to Build Your Empire and Still Make Time for Bae

Are you in need of quick ways to sneak in some quality time with Bae?

Bad enough time with bae diminishes significantly after kids, but add on top of that an ambitious, go-getting, full-time mom that’s about her business, and the little time that was there totally seems to disappear altogether.

I know how challenging it can be for boss moms to “take a break” from werk, especially when ideas are flowing, and creativity is at its max; however, it’s very important not only for your relationship, but for you too, to take a break sometimes, and spend it with the one(s) you love.

Here are some quick tips for sneaking in some quality time with bae that won’t have you feeling guilty about not werking, and will have him/her feeling special and cared for:

1-Schedule a Date Night in

This is one of my favorite ways to spend quality time.  When it’s scheduled and on the books it feels less like spending time by default just because you live together, and more like an actual date that was planned with intention.

Plan for this date to be right in the comfort of your home, and schedule a start and end time for it.  That way Bae gets an expected amount of time with you, and no one’s feels any kind of way once the date is over, and you can get back to werk without guilt, or (unnecessary) commentary from Bae.

You can do a whole bunch during date night like watch a movie, or have dinner by candlelight, or just talk.  

Whatever you do, make it as much like your first date ever.  

Get to know each other all over again.

You’d be surprised how many couples stop sharing the “simple” things after some time together, and only discuss things related to the kids, money, or household.

Talk about your favorite colors, or foods, or what you did today.  Share your dreams for the future, or your fears, or your passions.

2-Werkout together

I always say your business plan is null and void if you don’t have a fitness plan.

Your true wealth is your health, and if you don’t take care of your physical body, you might as well pack it all up.  

It makes absolutely no sense to grind and grind and grind for your dream life, and end up living it sick or unwell.

Spend some time werking out with Bae, and catch 2 fish with one net (I know you can catch a whole lot more, but I don’t like the idea of killing birds with stones, so that’s my version).

Who says you have to go to the gym, or do jumping jacks?!

As long as you get physical, and break a sweat…how you do it is up to you ;-).

Just make sure to do it with bae!

3-Make a meal together

You gotta eat right?!  

Well, the next time you prepare a meal do it with bae.

It’s best if it’s a big meal, a meal from scratch, or a messy one :-), so you actually have some significant time together.

Work together, and enjoy conversation while doing it, or just do it and keep the conversation focused on accomplishing the task together.

Have fun and bon apetite.

4-Drive in silence

Okay, so not in total silence, but definitely without the radio, or any other distractions.

Turn everything off, and just talk.

Talk about anything, and maybe even hold hands if it’s safe to do so.

5-Set your goals together

This is such a beautiful and important way to spend quality time with bae.

Setting goals is SUPER important, especially for boss moms.

They help you stay focused, and keep you on track to living your dream life.

You can do this with bae concerning goals for your relationship, or family, or household, etc.

It can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.

You could even complete the goal-setting werkbook I created with bae (Click here to get a copy), and schedule quality time every month or every quarter to review your progress, and update your goals.


You now know 5 ways to sneak in quality time with bae without having to compromise doing things you have to do anyway, and without having to feel antsy like you’re not being productive, and moving forward with building your empire.

Don’t forget to snag your copy of the free goal-setting werkbook I created to help you stay balanced and on track this year.  

It’s the perfect exercise to go through with bae.  Download it below.

Now get to werk!



The Real Boss Mom

fierce CROPPED
Business & Lifestyle Coach for Badass Boss Moms
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