5 Creative Ways New Moms Can Make Sure You Get Enough Water Daily

Are you struggling to get enough to eat, figure out the breastfeeding dance with your little one, wash your ass, and keep your eyelids open long enough to do the laundry…

…on top of trying to remember how much water you need to be drinking, let alone remembering to actually drink it?


Well you’re in the right place, because I was there once, and I wrote this post for new moms like you, to share my top 5 creative hacks for making sure I stay hydrated throughout the day.

It’s super important to stay hydrated as a new mom to help get your body back to normal hormone and energy wise, but it’s also critical in losing that baby bump, and bringing sexy back.

Use any or all of these 5 tips, and watch your water intake skyrocket. For best results, choose a strategy that resonates with your personality.

Tip number 3 is personally the best for me!

Number 1: Add some flavor

creative ways to get more water
Let’s face it!

You’re drinking something throughout the day, unless you’re part camel, and can get through without any liquids at all.

So what’s the real reason you’re not drinking any or enough water?

It’s because you don’t like it, which is kinda odd seeing as though it has no taste, but I digress.

If taste is your issue, add some flavor.

You can add fruit, veggies, and even herbs and spices.

What issues do you have as a new mom? Hormones out of whack? Breast milk not abundant enough? Skin breaking out? Exhausted? Do you have low or no energy? Wanting to lose some weight?

Do some research to find out what fruit, veggie, or herb can help with an issue you might be facing, and add it to your water.


Just be sure that you sometimes get plain ol’ water in too.

Number 2: Alternate

So since we know you’re not part camel, and you’re in fact drinking something, how about alternating what you’re drinking.

If you have orange juice or coffee with breakfast, have water with your mid morning snack or lunch.

If you drink water with breakfast–as if. Who does that? Then, have it again with your afternoon snack, or with dinner.

You get the picture.

This works when you’re out and about too.

Out for dinner?

Ask for water in addition to your wine, and alternate sips of water and your beverage of choice.

Out socializing with friends?

For every drink have a bottle or glass of water.

Number 3: Use an app

creative ways to get more water
This is my favorite way of making sure I get enough water, because I found an app that I absolutely love.

It not only alerts me throughout the day (next tip), but it also calculates the exact amount of water I need based on my weight and other factors, such as the fact that I’m breastfeeding.

On top of that I tell it how many ounces my bottle is, and it lets me know how many bottles I need to drink in a day.

The best part, which speaks to my competitive side is that it grades me each day, and provides an overall grade as well. I have a C right now, which is not so hot, but that fuels me to do better so I can bring my grade up.

There are lots of apps out there, but the one I use is called Water Your Body! I did upgrade to be able to access all the features, and it’s now compatible with the Apple health app.

Number 4: Set reminders

You can always simply whip out your smartphone, and set alarms or reminders to get alerted at specified times throughout the day.

Depending on the frequency of your alerts, you can either down a certain amount of ounces of water, say a full glass or whole bottle, or you can simply take a sip toward your next milestone (more on that in tip 5).

Number 5: Make your mark

Making your mark is about creating milestones for your water intake, and making them visible.

* Figure out how much water you need a day.

* Choose a container to drink out of, and determine how many of them you need per day in order to get your total amount of water in.

* Figure out how much water you need to consume (milestone #1) by certain points in the day (milestone #2) and literally mark it on your water bottles.

This works best with disposable plastic bottles.

So there you have it!

5 simple and creative and fun ways to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Just because we’re not pregnant anymore doesn’t mean we’re off the hook with getting our water in. If anything, it’s more crucial that we get it now, especially when breastfeeding.

So tell me, which of these tips do you like best? Which tip are you gonna implement today? Comment below.


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