Waist Training: Get Over Yourself Dr. Oz! It’s Not That Serious

Now that I have your attention, and you’re ready to hear what ratchetness I’m gonna say to/about Dr. Oz, let me first start by saying that I’m no medical expert; however, I do have some actual experience waist training number 1, and number 2 not all shapewear, or shaping garments are created the same, and just like anything else in life…there’s levels to this ish!

I used to turn my nose up at the thought of wearing a waist shaper/cincher.

I had this idea that it was unnatural and created a false illusion of curves, and that amazing hourglass figure some women AND men love so much,


after starting my postpartum weight loss routine about 3 months after having my sun, I found that it was a bit harder to snap back into shape than I thought it would be.

My body was just not the same.

It was taking forever to lose the fat around my mid-section, even with mostly eating healthy AND exercise.

I decided to put my judgments aside and give waist training a try.

The results, in such a short time were unbelievable.

I more than brought sexy back.  I snapped back, and then some.



Waist training is just as natural as wearing a cast for a broken bone.

It beats surgery any day, and there’s no false illusion of any hourglass shape…okay, maybe at first, but overtime when done properly and consistently using effective shaping garments, it actually trains/shapes the body into the desired figure…just like a cast shapes broken bones back into place.

When done safely over time, there’s no dependency on wearing them just to snatch my waist to fit into a dress for one night.

There seems to be a lot of backlash lately in the media concerning waist training, but HELLO people.

It’s nothing new!

Waist training aka corseting/corsetry aka belly binding has been around for eons.

I first learned of postpartum belly binding from my cousin who gets to binding a day after having her babies.

She might not use a “waist shaper” however, it’s the same concept, and women all over the world are hip to this “new trend” called waist training.

I’m hip now too, and I love it!

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