What’s in My Diaper Bag and How to Effectively Pack a Diaper Bag for Everyday Errands

Diaper Bag Packing

I remember when I was pregnant and shopping around for the BEST diaper bag, if such a thing exists.

It was kind of challenging, because my brain needed to know exactly what I would be packing in the diaper bag, so that I could actually get one that would be useful now and later.

I did a lot of reading in the pregnant mom forums to see what other moms packed in their diaper bags, and let me tell you, they’re doing the most.

I couldn’t imagine packing all that stuff in my diaper bag, and lugging it around every time I needed to go somewhere, only to have it sit there collecting dust.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Especially not a Boss Mom.

Now that being a Boss Mom with a new baby is no longer theory, I’ve found a fool-proof system of packing my diaper bag that is super organized and simple.

What to Pack in a Diaper Bag

If you’re like I was, and doing your research before getting your diaper bag, click here for a review of my favorite bag the Juju Be BFF.

It might become your favorite too!


Yours Truly,
Sunshine Cummings 

boss mom sunshine cummings

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