“Boss Mom” Definition | Forget What You Heard, This Is What It Is!

The Real “Boss Mom” Meaning

Simply put, a Boss Mom is a “Cookie Lyon.”

She’s an ambitious, highly driven, fierce, and  outspoken mother who gets the job done, whether the job is being a homemaker, a stay at home mom, a career woman, a working mom, or mompreneur (an actual boss of her own business).

Chances are, if a Boss Mom works a job or is a stay at home mom, she is also actively building her own business whether it’s an online venture, a network marketing or direct sales business, or a traditional brick and mortar business.


Are you a real Boss Mom, or a pretender?

Are you about your business AND your family, and don’t need to sacrifice one for the other, because you have what it takes to get shit done?!

If you’re a forreal Boss Mom, welcome to the Boss Mom After-Baby Success Blog, the best Boss Mom blog and online resource for real Boss Moms.

The Boss Mom Success Blog is a must-read regardless of whether you had your baby yesterday, or 5 years ago.  I’ll be spilling all kinds of beans to assist you in your calling as a mom and boss of your empire (home and/or business).

Stop reading right now, and go follow/subscribe to this blog so you never miss a thing!  Trust me, you won’t want to miss one word.

To Your Ultimate Success as a Boss Mom!!

Yours Truly,
Sunshine Cummings 

Sunshine Boss Mom

P.S. Add me on Instagram and Twitter @TheRealBossMom and subscribe to TheRealBossMom TV onYouTube.


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