How to Make Sense of This Blog: Because I’m Complex!

I started this blog in January 2015 while I was on bed rest and very pregnant with my sun (spelling intentional) Awesome Amari…my rainbow baby!

It was an interesting (to say the least) time in my life for sooo many reasons.  So much had changed.  So much was changing.  And, there was so much more I wanted to change.


I started this blog with the intention of it being an outlet-a place where I could empty my thoughts, and ultimately heal myself particularly from the illness of giving a fuck about others’ opinions about me.

It’s been through some changes (just like I have), but has since evolved into being a blog FOR YOU, but all about ME –Sunshine Cummings, The Real Bossmom. 

You’ll definitely get the best of both worlds, because not only will you get to be all up in my business, but unlike most personal blogs where you think to yourself (about the blogger) “Annnd, you are who again?,” and could give 2 shits about their family vacation to Disney World (that was a mouthful, but you get what I’m saying)…

…you’ll actually learn some shit, be entertained, and if you choose to apply what you learn…Change Your Life.

Follow along…if you can keep up!

*List of categories and what they’re all about*

  • Artist-All things dance and blogging, from tips and how-to’s to general information, because I’m a dancer and I love to write.
  • Creator-I create my life, and so do you!Posts in this category are all about the Law of Attraction, how I use/have used it in my life, and how you can use it too to manifest every and anything you desire, because Anything is Possible!
  • Boss-I’m a Bossmom, entrepreneur, and the badass founder of SnapBack Co.Some folks are ambitious when it comes to moving up in a company, or at a job.That ain’t me!If it’s not you either then posts in this category would be of interest to you as I share my journey of building a global brand, along with tips, tools, and resources that I find useful.
  • Healer-This is my gift!  It’s what I do.  It’s why I chose to come to Earth and be born.For many years I thought I wanted to be a medical doctor, or naturopath, or herbalist, etc. I spent a shitload of time and money studying and learning about chakras, herbs, crystals, midwifery/natural birth, homeopathy, yoga, reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy…you name it!I eventually had to take several seats, step back, and be honest with myself about the fact that I didn’t come here to be a damn compulsive student, and that my gift of healing is unconventional…like me.Posts in this category are all about my journey as a healer, as well as info about healing in several “alternative” modalities.
  • Lover-The juicy stuff!  The things the nosy people in my life wanna know all about, but won’t dare ask.I’m a married woman, yes!  And, I also identify as polyamorous, or should I say non-monogamous meaning I am open to, and desire, intimate relationships with more than just my husband…AND, I am open to him being in intimate relationships with others as well (key word OPEN…not enthused lol).Polyamory is all about the responsible and honest practice of non-monogamy, not that cheating shit most people are familiar with.Posts in these categories will be really real as I share about intimacy in my life and marriage!
  • MILF (Mom in love with freedom)-I’m a free spirit, end of story period.I strongly value freedom, acceptance, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.Posts in this category are all about my free spirtedness and my journey of self-acceptance.
  • Mother– I’m a new mom and bonus mom.Being/becoming both have posed major challenges for me prior to, during, and after.Posts in this category are about all things related to mothering (tips, tricks, reviews, motivation, etc.), my ever-evolving journey as a mom, overcoming the loss of 2 babies, overcoming confidence/body image issues postpartum, postpartum weight loss, breastfeeding, and about co-parenting, step-parenting, and attachment parenting.
  • MYLF (Mom You’d Like to F&%*)- All things postpartum fitness/weight loss related as I bring sexy back, and help other moms do the same.
  • Wife-All about married life, and homemaking!



5 Creative Ways to Spice it Back Up With Your Boo

Have you been sooo busy building your empire that you’ve been neglecting to spend ‘quality” time with your boo?

I know all about it.

Good thing for you, I’ve created this boss mom guide to help you bring back the spice (or make the spice even spicier) in your love life when bae has just about had it with you pulling all nighters and walking around looking like whodunit and why!

It just takes a little balancing and prioritizing, and implementing some or all of the following tips.

Spicing things up with bae

1-Get away

There is nothing like time away in a new or familiar place to spice things up with bae.

Quick roadtrips or weekend getaways (with or without the kids) have a way of connecting people.  Depending on where you are in the world, and on your budget, you could hop on a quick weekend cruise, or just drive to the nearest major city, or nearest small town…whatever floats your boat.

If you’re married, and you’re able, maybe even reliving your honeymoon (without the kids of course) is an option that would help.

My husband and I used to get away all the time.

In fact, we just had a spur-of-the-moment getaway with the kids this past weekend to NYC.

We’ve also been camping out in a tent (like forreal forreal)…that was an adventure.  We’ve visited caves.  We went horseback riding on a beach.  We spent a cozy weekend in at a not-so-warm beach (with a 3 month old), and ALL of these mini vacays were spur-of-the-moment.

There’s no excuses.

Not only will you and bae reconnect and spice things up, you’ll be refreshed and ready to werk once you’re back home.

Your mind will be clear, and you can get back to being a boss mom more effectively.

2-Massage each other

Or if you’re big ballin’ get a couple’s massage at a spa.

Touch is a major love language, and a human need.

Even if it’s neither of your love languages all humans need to be touched.

If you’re going to do it for each other, do some quick research on YouTube to get down the basics, buy some natural/healthy oils, maybe some essential oils for aroma, some candles to set the mood, and get to it.

This is so win-win for you as a boss mom, and for your relationship.  If you’re anything like me you get all knotted up and sore from time to time.

A little massage break would do you fine.


My fav!!

Dancing will def help spice things back up with bae, but not just any dancing…dancing TOGETHER.

Zouk is one of the sexiest dances in my book.  There are some great videos on YouTube you can check out and “learn” to do with your partner.

If bae absolutely doesn’t wanna do it, or is just saying that because forreal s/he has two left feet…look up a sexy floor and chair routine, and perform it FOR your boo.

Don’t spend too much time trying to get it perfect.  Improvise if you need to. You have an empire to get back to building.

Stay focused.

4-Plan a date night

Or just date in general.

Recreate your first date if you remember it, and if it WASN’T a flop.  Put the kids to bed early, and stay up having a candlelit dinner with some nice music.

You can watch a movie (tip #5), or dance (see tip #3), or massage each other (tip #2).

Again, whatever floats your boat, and would be pleasing to both of you, go for it!

5-Watch a romantic comedy

Romantic comedies always seem to help me and my husband reconnect.

Laughter truly is a great healer, and topped off with the most healing force-LOVE-you can’t go wrong watching a romantic comedy.


I take that back.  My first date with my husband consisted of “watching” Dear John, except Dear John ended up watching us.

We just couldn’t get into it.  It didn’t hold our attention one bit, and we fell asleep on it TWICE.

Once during our first date, and again when recreating our first date lol.

We eventually just gave up trying.

I’m not saying it’s not a good movie, I’m just saying I couldn’t tell you.

Netflix has some good options if you have it, and your nearest RedBox may have some things too.

6-Do something adventurous

Oh yeah!!

Anything to get your heart pumping a little bit will turn up the heat and spice things right on up.

If you’re both daredevils do something wild like skydiving, or bungee jumping (at your own risk.  I’m not responsible for any mishaps).

Or, like I mentioned in tip #1 do something like horseback riding.

You could even do an amusement park with the kids, and still have lots of fun together as a family.

7-Dress up or undress

I typically walk around naked, so for me it’s dress up lol.

What is it for you?

Maybe you don’t walk around in your birthday suit all day like I do, but yoga pants and a T-shirt EVERY single day can get boring too.

Spice things up a bit with your wardrobe, even if only for a day, and I guarantee bae will love anything different even if s/he doesn’t really like the actual get up.

If you’re really wanting to add some flavor and spice for some time to come, do a full makeover.

Buy some new clothes (this doesn’t have to be super pricey), get a new do, and a mani-pani (you can even do that yourself).

If you’ve started the visual branding stage of building your empire…this could be a great time to start incorporating your brand elements into your life.


You’ve got 7 fun and simple ways to add some spice in your relationship with your partner to help you be more balanced as a mom and business woman.

Which one of these tips sounds most appealing to you?  Let me know in the comments below, or come party with me and other badass boss moms in the official Boss Mom Squad headquarters.  Introduce yourself, ask a question, or let us know how you spice things up with your boo!

Talk to you soon!

The Real Boss Mom
Business & Mindset Coach for Badass Boss Moms

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How to Build Your Empire and Still Make Time for Bae

Are you in need of quick ways to sneak in some quality time with Bae?

Bad enough time with bae diminishes significantly after kids, but add on top of that an ambitious, go-getting, full-time mom that’s about her business, and the little time that was there totally seems to disappear altogether.

I know how challenging it can be for boss moms to “take a break” from werk, especially when ideas are flowing, and creativity is at its max; however, it’s very important not only for your relationship, but for you too, to take a break sometimes, and spend it with the one(s) you love.

Here are some quick tips for sneaking in some quality time with bae that won’t have you feeling guilty about not werking, and will have him/her feeling special and cared for:

1-Schedule a Date Night in

This is one of my favorite ways to spend quality time.  When it’s scheduled and on the books it feels less like spending time by default just because you live together, and more like an actual date that was planned with intention.

Plan for this date to be right in the comfort of your home, and schedule a start and end time for it.  That way Bae gets an expected amount of time with you, and no one’s feels any kind of way once the date is over, and you can get back to werk without guilt, or (unnecessary) commentary from Bae.

You can do a whole bunch during date night like watch a movie, or have dinner by candlelight, or just talk.  

Whatever you do, make it as much like your first date ever.  

Get to know each other all over again.

You’d be surprised how many couples stop sharing the “simple” things after some time together, and only discuss things related to the kids, money, or household.

Talk about your favorite colors, or foods, or what you did today.  Share your dreams for the future, or your fears, or your passions.

2-Werkout together

I always say your business plan is null and void if you don’t have a fitness plan.

Your true wealth is your health, and if you don’t take care of your physical body, you might as well pack it all up.  

It makes absolutely no sense to grind and grind and grind for your dream life, and end up living it sick or unwell.

Spend some time werking out with Bae, and catch 2 fish with one net (I know you can catch a whole lot more, but I don’t like the idea of killing birds with stones, so that’s my version).

Who says you have to go to the gym, or do jumping jacks?!

As long as you get physical, and break a sweat…how you do it is up to you ;-).

Just make sure to do it with bae!

3-Make a meal together

You gotta eat right?!  

Well, the next time you prepare a meal do it with bae.

It’s best if it’s a big meal, a meal from scratch, or a messy one :-), so you actually have some significant time together.

Work together, and enjoy conversation while doing it, or just do it and keep the conversation focused on accomplishing the task together.

Have fun and bon apetite.

4-Drive in silence

Okay, so not in total silence, but definitely without the radio, or any other distractions.

Turn everything off, and just talk.

Talk about anything, and maybe even hold hands if it’s safe to do so.

5-Set your goals together

This is such a beautiful and important way to spend quality time with bae.

Setting goals is SUPER important, especially for boss moms.

They help you stay focused, and keep you on track to living your dream life.

You can do this with bae concerning goals for your relationship, or family, or household, etc.

It can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.

You could even complete the goal-setting werkbook I created with bae (Click here to get a copy), and schedule quality time every month or every quarter to review your progress, and update your goals.


You now know 5 ways to sneak in quality time with bae without having to compromise doing things you have to do anyway, and without having to feel antsy like you’re not being productive, and moving forward with building your empire.

Don’t forget to snag your copy of the free goal-setting werkbook I created to help you stay balanced and on track this year.  

It’s the perfect exercise to go through with bae.  Download it below.

Now get to werk!



The Real Boss Mom

fierce CROPPED
Business & Lifestyle Coach for Badass Boss Moms
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5 Simple Ways to Stay on Track & Balanced in 2016

Stay on Track. Be balanced.

Are you tired of setting goals and resolutions year after year, only to see that each year passes without you accomplishing a damn thang?


Ok. Ok.


Maybe not “a damn thang,” but not your major goals or priorities?


I know I am, and so I decided to do a little soul searching, and really ask myself what MUST I do in order to stay on track this year with my major goals, while also maintaining a sense of balance as a mom and business woman (a boss mom).


Below you’ll find a must-do list of 5 simple ways to accomplish your major goals for 2016, while staying on track and balanced.


Staying on Track and Balanced in 2016


1. Have a theme/primary aim for the year

Having a theme or primary aim (the overall desire you have for your year) helps you stay focused.  Major organizations and religious groups choose themes, aims, or affirmations yearly to create a sense of oneness amongst employees/the congregation, so everyone is on one accord, and working toward one aim.


One of my fav bloggers does this too.  Her theme for this year is Sweet ‘16.  I love the sound of that.


Another site I follow (FLYLady), which helps me stay organized, and get rid of physical clutter in my home, chooses a theme every year too.  This year it’s “Watch Me Fling in 2016.”  It’s about flinging the clutter.


So what’s gonna be your theme, or primary aim this year?


Mine is “Making that Green (money) in 2016.”


If you wanna rhyme like me *insert cheesy face*, here are a few words that rhyme with 16 that you may want to consider:
















Use your creativity!


2. Set goals

Not setting goals is the number one reason why so many people fail to get shit done.


I didn’t do any research on those stats to really know if that’s true or not, but it makes sense to me.


If you don’t set goals, what are you really accomplishing?!  You’re just going through life doing things with no end in mind.


You might get stuff done, but is it in alignment with your primary aim for your year, or your life overall?


If you don’t set any goals, how do you know where you’re going?  It’s a must that you set goals, and that you do it the most effective way possible.


3. Include all major areas of your life in your goal-setting

Now this is where we incorporate balance.


Goal-setting is important, yes, but what you’re setting goals for is just as important.


Are all your goals focused on just one area of your life?  On making more money, or on you starting a business, or on you getting more sales in your business, etc.?


Or, are they all, or mostly focused on you getting more organized, or eating healthier, or doing better with meal prepping and working out?


If you want more balance in your life, don’t expect to have it if you’re only focused on achieving things in only one or two areas of your life.


Please tell me, how does that work?


It doesn’t.


If you want more balance, your goals have to be balanced.


Plain and super simple.


4. Create a plan to achieve your goals

This is the step where so many goal setters miss the mark.


Your goal is simply your end result; your destination.


How in the hell will you get there though, if you have no idea what you’re gonna do to get there?


I’ll wait.


Have you ever jumped in your car, turned on your navigation system to get to a place you have no idea how to get to, and been given 3 different routes you could take?


Goals work the same way.


You’re going somewhere, you have a general idea of how to get there, but aren’t sure about the actual steps you need to take, or which route you want to take (avoiding tolls aka obstacles, going the fast but longest distance, or going the slow but shortest distance).


You’ve got to get clear on that , or you’ll have some amazing goals set, and you won’t take the first step toward achieving them, because you won’t know what they are, or which way to go.


Create a plan.


5. Set reminders to evaluate your progress

You can stay on track in 2016 by evaluating your progress every month, or every quarter, or whatever timeframe works for you.


Have you ever been real excited in the beginning of the new year about all the growth you’re gonna experience, and all the changes you’re gonna make, and them BOOM, before you know it it’s July, and you have half a year left, and you start sweating bullets wondering how in the world you’re gonna accomplish all those things you were just talking about “yesterday?”  


Yeah.  I’ve been there done that, and it sucks.


It doesn’t have to tho.


If you check in with yourself every so often to see where you are in terms of accomplishing your goals, you can adjust your plan accordingly to make sure you stay on track.


Here’s a *Bonus Tip*

I know you’re busy being a mom, and having some challenges being an entrepreneur at the same time, or struggling to figure out what to do as a business, and how to start it.


Balance is key.


I found this great app recently called 30/30 that helps me stay on track with my tasks at hand.  I set it for however much time I need in order to complete a list of tasks, and it counts down for me, and alerts me when it’s time to move to the next task.


It’s been really helpful so far.  I highly recommend you give it a go.


You now have a great blueprint for not only getting shit done in 2016, but also for staying on track and balanced.


All you’ve got to do now is take action and implement these steps.


Because I know you’re busy caring for your family, nurturing your babies, and building your empire, I’ve created a goal-setting werkbook for you, so you have no excuses about getting it done.


Just download it now, and fill in the blanks.  It’s free!
Click below to get yours now.


Untitled presentation



The Real Boss Mom


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Quick Start Guide: Eating Clean for Postpartum Weight Loss

Ready to lose your baby bump, and bring sexy back?

I know. Duh! Who isn’t right?!

Well, if you’re serious, you’re gonna wanna keep reading, because 80% of what you need to do to start losing weight postpartum is detailed below.

Postpartum Weight Loss Guide to Eating Clean

Eat 5-6 meals a day

This sounds like a lot and even counterproductive, but if you eat less at each meal it’s totally doable.

When you’re not eating a bunch of fat and junk, and you space your meals out every 2-3 hours, your body is less likely to go into starvation mode throughout the day.

Starvation mode tells your body that you’re not getting enough nutrients, so it sends red flag signals out to store more fat for a “hungry” day.

This is why it’s never a good idea to skip meals when you’re wanting to lose weight, or ever for that matter.

This way of eating also curbs cravings, so you’re less likely to get the urge to eat the whole box of a dozen Krispy Kremes.

Eliminate sugar

Sugar is the devil!

No really, sugar is seriously a drug, and if you have kids like mine, that bounce off the walls and throw fits when they don’t get their next fix, then you know exactly what I mean.

Sugar, whether it’s refined or not, white or brown, has no nutritional value. It’s just empty calories, which has no place in a clean eating plan. EVER.

I’m not exempt from cravings every now and again, but a wise person once told me to think about what can be found in nature when the cravings sneak up on me, and reach for what my ancestors had no choice but to reach for…fruit.

But don’t go ape-shit with the fruit either.

Drink the right amount of water, daily

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drinking enough water is another one of those counter-intuitive things when it comes to postpartum weight loss, especially when you’re already feeling big and bloated.

Weeeell, it’s true!

Drinking more water actually helps reduce bloating and swelling and the overall feeling of heaviness.

It’s the same as with eating more meals. When you drink more water, your body doesn’t hold onto water (water weight) thinking it needs to save you from dying of thirst.

Reduce or eliminate processed foods

This goes hand in hand with the last tip.

Foods that are processed are not “clean”. They have ingredients, many times artificial ones, added to them.

If a food has a label, is in a box, or in a can or bag, it’s been processed in some way.
I suggest using an app like “Eating Clean” while grocery shopping, or before consuming any foods.

This app allows you to scan the barcode of any product, and it will alert you when it detects any additives or ingredients you want to avoid. It’s really cool, and so far it’s been mostly accurate.

Eat whole foods

Well if you’re not eating processed foods, what’s left?

Foods that haven’t been tampered with, or natural whole foods. Foods that are straight from the source.

Foods like whole fruits or veggies, nuts and seeds, and even some whole grains.

Like the title suggests, this is by no means the end all be all to eating clean for postpartum weight loss, but it’s definitely a good and solid start.

Start implementing these principles today, and you’ll soon start noticing the fat shed away.

Which eating clean principle makes you most anxious? For me it’s eliminating sugar. Your turn. Comment below.


Sunshine signature
the real bossmom sunshine cummings

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5 Creative Ways New Moms Can Make Sure You Get Enough Water Daily

Are you struggling to get enough to eat, figure out the breastfeeding dance with your little one, wash your ass, and keep your eyelids open long enough to do the laundry…

…on top of trying to remember how much water you need to be drinking, let alone remembering to actually drink it?


Well you’re in the right place, because I was there once, and I wrote this post for new moms like you, to share my top 5 creative hacks for making sure I stay hydrated throughout the day.

It’s super important to stay hydrated as a new mom to help get your body back to normal hormone and energy wise, but it’s also critical in losing that baby bump, and bringing sexy back.

Use any or all of these 5 tips, and watch your water intake skyrocket. For best results, choose a strategy that resonates with your personality.

Tip number 3 is personally the best for me!

Number 1: Add some flavor

creative ways to get more water
Let’s face it!

You’re drinking something throughout the day, unless you’re part camel, and can get through without any liquids at all.

So what’s the real reason you’re not drinking any or enough water?

It’s because you don’t like it, which is kinda odd seeing as though it has no taste, but I digress.

If taste is your issue, add some flavor.

You can add fruit, veggies, and even herbs and spices.

What issues do you have as a new mom? Hormones out of whack? Breast milk not abundant enough? Skin breaking out? Exhausted? Do you have low or no energy? Wanting to lose some weight?

Do some research to find out what fruit, veggie, or herb can help with an issue you might be facing, and add it to your water.


Just be sure that you sometimes get plain ol’ water in too.

Number 2: Alternate

So since we know you’re not part camel, and you’re in fact drinking something, how about alternating what you’re drinking.

If you have orange juice or coffee with breakfast, have water with your mid morning snack or lunch.

If you drink water with breakfast–as if. Who does that? Then, have it again with your afternoon snack, or with dinner.

You get the picture.

This works when you’re out and about too.

Out for dinner?

Ask for water in addition to your wine, and alternate sips of water and your beverage of choice.

Out socializing with friends?

For every drink have a bottle or glass of water.

Number 3: Use an app

creative ways to get more water
This is my favorite way of making sure I get enough water, because I found an app that I absolutely love.

It not only alerts me throughout the day (next tip), but it also calculates the exact amount of water I need based on my weight and other factors, such as the fact that I’m breastfeeding.

On top of that I tell it how many ounces my bottle is, and it lets me know how many bottles I need to drink in a day.

The best part, which speaks to my competitive side is that it grades me each day, and provides an overall grade as well. I have a C right now, which is not so hot, but that fuels me to do better so I can bring my grade up.

There are lots of apps out there, but the one I use is called Water Your Body! I did upgrade to be able to access all the features, and it’s now compatible with the Apple health app.

Number 4: Set reminders

You can always simply whip out your smartphone, and set alarms or reminders to get alerted at specified times throughout the day.

Depending on the frequency of your alerts, you can either down a certain amount of ounces of water, say a full glass or whole bottle, or you can simply take a sip toward your next milestone (more on that in tip 5).

Number 5: Make your mark

Making your mark is about creating milestones for your water intake, and making them visible.

* Figure out how much water you need a day.

* Choose a container to drink out of, and determine how many of them you need per day in order to get your total amount of water in.

* Figure out how much water you need to consume (milestone #1) by certain points in the day (milestone #2) and literally mark it on your water bottles.

This works best with disposable plastic bottles.

So there you have it!

5 simple and creative and fun ways to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Just because we’re not pregnant anymore doesn’t mean we’re off the hook with getting our water in. If anything, it’s more crucial that we get it now, especially when breastfeeding.

So tell me, which of these tips do you like best? Which tip are you gonna implement today? Comment below.


the real bossmom


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Waist Training: Get Over Yourself Dr. Oz! It’s Not That Serious

Now that I have your attention, and you’re ready to hear what ratchetness I’m gonna say to/about Dr. Oz, let me first start by saying that I’m no medical expert; however, I do have some actual experience waist training number 1, and number 2 not all shapewear, or shaping garments are created the same, and just like anything else in life…there’s levels to this ish!

I used to turn my nose up at the thought of wearing a waist shaper/cincher.

I had this idea that it was unnatural and created a false illusion of curves, and that amazing hourglass figure some women AND men love so much,


after starting my postpartum weight loss routine about 3 months after having my sun, I found that it was a bit harder to snap back into shape than I thought it would be.

My body was just not the same.

It was taking forever to lose the fat around my mid-section, even with mostly eating healthy AND exercise.

I decided to put my judgments aside and give waist training a try.

The results, in such a short time were unbelievable.

I more than brought sexy back.  I snapped back, and then some.



Waist training is just as natural as wearing a cast for a broken bone.

It beats surgery any day, and there’s no false illusion of any hourglass shape…okay, maybe at first, but overtime when done properly and consistently using effective shaping garments, it actually trains/shapes the body into the desired figure…just like a cast shapes broken bones back into place.

When done safely over time, there’s no dependency on wearing them just to snatch my waist to fit into a dress for one night.

There seems to be a lot of backlash lately in the media concerning waist training, but HELLO people.

It’s nothing new!

Waist training aka corseting/corsetry aka belly binding has been around for eons.

I first learned of postpartum belly binding from my cousin who gets to binding a day after having her babies.

She might not use a “waist shaper” however, it’s the same concept, and women all over the world are hip to this “new trend” called waist training.

I’m hip now too, and I love it!

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Hands Down The Best Way to Introduce Baby to Solids!

Introducing Baby to Solids

I’m a firm believer in attachment parenting and parents being so in tune with their children that they have a sense of what’s going on with them (the children) at any given moment, and are able to make decisions specifically for their children and their children’s needs.

That’s one of the main reasons I really love this approach to introducing baby to solids for the first time.

It really eliminates the guesswork of whether your child is allergic to a particular food, or if their body is just not ready to process it yet.

In the video below I explain this approach in detail, and I’ve provided the handout I was referring to (in the video) right here in this post.

How to Introduce Baby to Solids for the First Time

When it comes to babies and pregnancy and birth and mothering there’s soooo much information out there.

It can definitely be a challenge weeding through all the bits and pieces of information, but at the end of the day, you know your child best.

Here’s the handout I promised: (I haven’t yet figured out how to make it available as a pdf, so just print it from here for now).


food introduction

Please, please, please watch the video first before using this method so you understand exactly how to introduce the foods.

It’s more than just introducing specific foods.  There’s a science to it.

If this approach works for your lifestyle, I highly recommend it.  If it doesn’t, share in the comments below what you’ve found works best for you.

Got questions? I probably have answers 🙂

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The Verdict is Out! Pre-workout Supplements (While Breastfeeding)

Over the past 3 weeks my Instagram account has increased by over 500 followers.  I’ll write about how that happened in a later post.

Anywho, an overwhelming majority of my new followers want to know the same thing…

Do/Did I use any supplements in conjunction with my fitness/workout plan?!

I hadn’t been at all, but I decided to do a bit of research on some of these popular supplements (creatine, glutamine, etc.) to see if they might enhance my workouts/results, since people seemed to think I was already using them.

Here’s what I experienced after I decided to try a preworkout drink.

Preworkout Supplements While Breastfeeding

Like almost all of the supplements I’ve ever taken, I went straight to Vitacost to see what they had available in terms of creatine, glutamine, protein, and a preworkout supplement.

I love Vitacost, because they mostly carry brands that I would get from my local natural foods stores or co-ops, but sometimes as much as 70% off.

I came across a new line of fitness supplements (Aro) by Vitacost, and decided to go with that.

So, this post is by no means my take on ALL preworkout supplements as much as it is specifically about the Vitacost brand.

Aro by Vitacost: Pre Workout Drink (Pink Lemonade)

My first reaction was DELICIOUS!

I took it about 30 minutes before doing my squat challenge workout for the day.

I pumped some breastmilk prior to just in case I felt weird about nursing Awesome with it in my system.  The package says that nursing/pregnant women should consult a physician before taking it, because one scoop (and it’s teeny tiny) is equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee.

preworkout supplements while breastfeeding

preworkout supplements while breastfeeding

I’m not a coffee drinker at all.  

Even my green tea that I drink regularly is caffeine-free, so naturally I had some concerns, but if you know anything about The Squat Challenge, you know it’s no joke, and some days I could use a little boost to get me through.

So, I gave it a try.

Here are the pros:

  • Again.  It was delicious, and tasted just like pink lemonade.
  • If I hadn’t experienced the cons (listed below), I could totally see how this supplement could give anyone the boost they needed to finish long and hard workouts. (I haven’t taken it since the first time.  It has become my husband’s, and he LOVES it!)
  • After stopping my workout (more about why I didn’t finish below), I wasn’t sore at all.  I actually felt like I could keep going.
  • I was definitely pumped up and energized.

& The cons:

  • My lips got super dry after a few minutes of consuming the drink.
  • I felt really jittery (remember, I’m not a regular caffeine consumer though).
  • I had an overall “crackhead” feeling.  My mind was racing, and I was really forgetful.  I would be counting out my reps, and totally forget what number I was on ( I’m sure I did more than necessary a few times).
  • I ended my workout prematurely, because I just felt too jittery and off
  • After about an hour of consumption I felt really hot inside
  • After 2 hours of consumption I started to feel REALLY cold
  • And the worst of all 😦 I had to bottle feed Awesome for the first time EVER since he’s been born. (This broke my heart, and is the main reason I decided that this supplement isn’t for me).

Overall, I give it a B+, because it actually did work, it’s just too much for my system.

If you’re looking for a good supplement to give you enough energy to get through a workout, that’s fairly natural, and you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, I would go for it.

If you’re pregnant/breastfeeding, but consume caffeine regularly, I say run it by your healthcare provider, or your good ole intuition to decide if everything else in it is okay for your little one(s).  If you feel good about it I say why not?!

preworkout supplements while breastfeeding

So, the verdict is out (on Vitacost’s preworkout drink), but meanwhile I still haven’t found anything to really give me that extra boost to get me through my workouts.

What are your suggestions, or advice on supplements that would be good for a non-caffeine-drinking breastfeeding mom?  

Please share in the comments below.

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New Mom Tips: Epic Advice on Being More Productive

Being More Productive as a New Mom

Being a new mom is no joke, and definitely comes with its challenges, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be productive, and get things done.

Once I got over “new mom exhaustion” I had more energy to complete my daily tasks, but I found that things still weren’t getting done.

I needed to do something different, so I did.

What I’m gonna share with you in this video is what I did to pretty much double what I’m now able to get done in a day.

New Mom Tip | How to be More Productive

Start practicing this today, and watch your levels of productivity skyrocket!

Come back and let me know in the comments below how this works for you.

Yours Truly,
Sunshine Cummings 

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